Landscape Structures

Landscape structures are what transforms a well landscaped yard into a masterpiece. Structures usch as gazebos, arbors, pergolas and decks make a bold statement of commitment to having an immaculate outdoor setting. We offer design, construction and installation services for all types of hardscaping structures.

Wood Decks

Sooner or later you’ll need to repalce the standard cheap builders wood deck. This is a perfect time to upgrade your deck with rot-proof composite decking boards, and add decorative balusters, steps, awnings, and accent lighting. Many of our customers go the extra step of installing under deck panels with ceiling fans. Call us to learn more about having a dream deck.


Gazebos have a very interesting history and purpose. Certainly they are known as a gathering place for sharing time together with an element of privacy. Some of the most attractive gazebos were built as a place for reflection, meditation and even prayer. Whatever reason you have for building a gazebo, it will be a stunning addition to your landscape.


Pergolas offer a casually shaded area, open to light sun and gentle breezes, that are perfect for enjoying both daytime and nighttime relaxation. Add climbing grape vines, Wisteria or Honeysuckle to add character, more shade and privacy to create another great place to relax and unwind.


A garden arbor is relatively simple structure that lends a rustic look with some privacy and shade. Arbors are sometimes used to to make an appealing gated entrance. Arbors are another type of open-air structure that lends itself to being embraced by colorful strands and twists of fragrant vines.

The Extra Touches

When you’ve added the perfect structures there are some extra touches that make the new addition look established and stately. We can add dramatic outdoor lighting or plant beautiful and aromatic climbing vines such as Honeysuckle, Wisteria and Clematis. After one or two seasons the beauty of your yard will have grown to be even more appealing.

Our Services Include

We can provide you or your business with the following residential or commercial services:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Installation
  • Softscaping
  • Hardscaping
  • Landscape Maintenance

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We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and as-needed residential landscape services which can include:

  • Routine lawn maintenance, flowers, plant, shrub, tree and turf care
  • Seasonal landscape services; season color, mulch, leaf removal, etc.
  • Landscape design, plant recommendations, construction, and installation
  • Hardscaping enhancements; structures, lighting, irrigation, firepits, etc.
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We service shopping centers, apartment complexes, retail businesses, office centers, and HOA's for:

  • Turf management for mowing, edging, fertilizing and weed control
  • Flower bed maintenance for seasonal color, pruning, and mulching
  • Repair vehicle damage to turf, leaf removal, tree & shrub pruning
  • Hardscaping enhancements; landscape lighting, irrigation, drainage, etc.
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