Best Turf Grasses For Georgia Lawns

Which kind of grass is best for Georgia lawns? Our weather tends to warm up early in the year and warm weather can last into October. In addition, you never know if we’re going to have a rainy summer or a drought and water rationing. The most popular kinds of grass for the metro Atlanta area are Fescue, Zoysia and Bermuda grass because of features that make them well-suited for our climate.

Zoysia is a warm-season, drought resistant grass that can also handle the occasional cold snap. People love the soft texture. The fact that it is It forms a nice thick turf once it is established and can grow well in both sun and light shade. The thickness of the grass also makes it harder for weeds to come through. One disadvantage is that it is not green year round, however the green season is a bit longer in Georgia than in other parts of the country.

Bermuda grass is a favorite for a well-used lawn because of its resilience to foot traffic and they way it can recover quickly from damage. It is also drought resistant and can handle the hot summers where it doesn’t rain much. It needs a lot of sun – that is one reason it grows so well in Georgia. Unfortunately, if you have a shady yard, Bermuda grass may not be the best choice for you as it tends to thin out in shady areas.

Fescue is a favorite in Atlanta because it can stay green all year, however it does take a good bit of maintenance to retain its emerald hue. It’s hardy enough to grow in less-than-perfect soil, but like any grass the better soil conditions you have the better your lawn will look. It can get established fairly quickly but doesn’t grow too fast – you may be able to mow it less. It’s a cool-season grass so it thrives in fall and spring and will need extra water in the hot summer months. If you’re not careful it can go dormant when temperatures rise.

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