Landscape Supply

If you need bulk landscape supplies explore the wide range of landscape supply products at wholesale prices. From colored mulch, decorative rock, and top soil, to fill dirt, sand and river rock, we have what you need. We can also provide sod and sod installation.

Colored Mulch, Cypress Mulch, and Pine Straw

We offer a variety of colored mulches including black mulch, red mulch, brown mulch, cypress mulch, hardwood mulch, and pine straw. Use the follwing link to Order Pine Straw and Colored Mulch.

Top Soil, Fill Dirt, Compost, and Sand

We offer screened top soil, screened fill dirt, and granite sand for filling holes, top dressing your yard, and improving hard clay yards. Use the follwing link to Order Top Soil, Fill Dirt, Sand.

Gravel, Stone, and Rock

We offer a wide array of pea gravel, crusher run, slate chips, egg rock, river rock, boulders, and crimson stone. Whether you need to create a granite chip parking lot or dress out a landscaped are with decorative rock we can help you. Use the follwing link to Order Gravel, Stone, Rock.

Timbers, Block, Flagstone, Boulders

If you're a do-it-yourself landscaper and need landscape materials to build retaining walls, walkways, or paver patios we stock materials for you. We have paver stones, flagstone, railroad ties, landscape timbers and retaining wall blocks. If you want something we do not have in stock we may be able to special order your materials. Use the follwing link to Order Timbers and Block.

Local Delivery Services

All of our landscape supply materials can be delivered to your location. Call us to order your products and schedule a delivery service. We do need you to make certain we have truck access to unload the materials. We also require a responsible party to be on-site to receive the materials.

Have questions or want pricing? Simply call 770-509-0355!