Lawn Maintenance Services

Landscapers for Lawn Care Service

Tired of the work involved to take care of your yard? Call us to discuss our lawn maintenance plans. From simple lawn mowing, edging and blowing to full yard maintenance we can help you.

Affordable Lawn Maintenance Agreements

We have affordable rates for weekly service and monthly service with the ability to add other services. With a Crawford Landscaping maintenance agreement you can have a great looking yard without all of the work and cost of doing it yourself.

What's in a normal lawn maintenance agreement? We do have a basic lawn maintenance agreement; however, we can customize it to fit your particular needs.

Example of a Basic 12-month, Weekly Service Agreement:

  • Mow lawn
  • Edge lawn
  • Blow clippings
  • Weed control (manual or apply product)
  • Prune shrubs / small trees
  • Remove debris fromlawn
  • Leaf removal (fall season)
  • Scalp warm weather grass (March)

Contact us to learn more about any of our lawn maintenance services.

On-Demand Lawn Maintenance

Call us for temporary or short-term help with your property. From taking care of rental property or maintenance while your unable to do the work, we can help you. Give us a call to discuss you needs and we will work out a set of services that works for you.

Seasonal Maintenance

Atlanta area yards typically need seasonal maintenance to look their best. Among our most popular seasonal lawn maintenance services are:

  • Aeration and Fescue Overseeding Fescue grass lawns stay thick and green with annual aeration and overseeding. The optimal time for this is September to November. We aerate your lawn which helps the starter fertilizer to better absorb into the soil. We apply a starter fertilizer and a blend of fescue grass seed that works in our planting zone.
  • Seasonal Color (Flowers) While you can install flowers most anytime of the year there are optimal times for every type of flowering plant. The one significant difference is that there are certain flowers that bloom in late fall and through the winter. Flowers such as Pansies are annuals, meaning that they live for only one season and need to be replanted each year.
  • Pine Straw and Mulches It's important to refresh your mulch and pine straw each year. Not only does this make your yard more attractive, it also protects the vitality of your plants. Muches in flower beds help the soil to retain moisture. Both mulch and pine straw protect plants from being damaged or killed by winter frosts.

Storm Cleanup

We all know what a mess a storm can make of a yard. If you have damaged trees, fallen limbs and other yard problems give us a call. We can clear the mess and clean-up your yard quickly and affordably.

Have questions or want pricing? Simply call 770-509-0355!